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My name is Jana Cury and this is one of my passion. I was born in a small town of Brazil in the 70’s.


Back then all of my clothing was either handmade by my grandmother or godmother. They both knew how to sew very well and I remember staring at them to try to understand what they were doing with those big and noisy machines.


As I grew up, I lost interest on sewing and I didn’t get back into learning until a few years ago. One of the last moments I had the chance to have with my godmother was having her teach me how to do stitch.


This activity became very important to me, not only because it reminds me of them but allows me to use my imagination and creativity to create some beautiful shoes.


Fairy godmother designed beautiful glass slippers and I design beautiful flip flops to my Cinderella’s out there. I hope you like it! 

Thanks for supporting my small business,


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